What is OPG4MERS?

OPG4MERS is a unique Minecraft Prison Server created, developed and designed by Ayham Al-Ali.

Why Us?

We develop our unique ideas and plans, that's why when we need to create anything we simply create it and add it.

Our Purpose

The purpose of OPG4MERS is to make people explore and live in a unique Prison server with a new features and creative ideas.


Our mines are different, they are made of stone only but there is a chance to get ores directly to your inventory while mining, this chance increases with levels and prestiges. Also, prestiged players have a chance to get ores blocks while mining.


Our PvP isn't just a normal PvP, it gives you a random prize when you kill random people. Also, with gangs you can be stronger and have more fun.


We got so much cool ideas and unique in OPG4MERS that can make you keep playing for long long time, such as gangs, blocks rewards, tokens, unique enchants, challenges, competitions, lucky blocks and much more.


Total players joined our main and minehut version server


Of custom made plugins and ideas


Hours of working on this project

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